Acqua dell'Elba

Acqua dell’Elba is an Italian home and personal fragrance line that will bring the unique scent of the Tuscan sea to your home and the essence of the Island of Elba to your life, available exclusively at One-One Studio in Toronto.
Three young entrepreneurs had the amazing idea to capture the natural beauty of Tuscany, the beautiful scents of the Island of Elba and recreate them in a gorgeous line of home and body fragrance, and Acqua dell’Elba was born. In creating these unique and inimitable fragrances, their main inspiration was the Renaissance tradition of craftsmanship.
All Acqua dell’Elba products are handmade using carefully selected high quality island plants, like mandarin, lemon or water-lily as raw material and a slow production technique. Their products are manufactured in a limited quantity, specifically for those, who love the simplicity in beauty and appreciate the uniqueness and the craftsmanship behind such an incomparable line.
Their personal fragrances, although very different, have one thing in common: they perfectly capture the essence of the Mediterranean not only in its beautiful scents but also in the incomparable atmosphere of Italy that they will bring to you. The Acqua dell’Elba perfumes and eau de toilettes are not only personal fragrances for ladies and gentlemen, they are feelings and impressions, they express harmony or passion, elegance or intensity, but first of all, the natural instinct of beauty behind this line.
The main idea behind their home fragrances is to capture and bring the gentle breeze of the sea and the harmony of the Mediterranean to your home, wherever that is. The Acqua dell’Elba diffusers, room sprays, candles and scented chalks have an intense, but at the same time delicate scent: they are a powerful reminder of the sunny, energetic atmosphere of Tuscany in a relaxing, flowery and fresh fragrance.
One-One Studio is proud to share these great Acqua dell’Elba products and the atmosphere they represent to our clients in-store and online.

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