Biologique Recherche Quintessential Serums

What are Quintessential Serums?

Containing nothing, but active ingredients, the Quintessential Serums are the purest formulas in the Biologique Recherche range. With a combination of amino acids and short peptides, the Quintessential Serums target specific imbalances like
lack of vitality
fine lines
excess sebum
loss of elasticity
The BR Quintessential Serums penetrate the skin rapidly for powerful results.

Which Quintessential Serum is right for me?

The Quintessential Serums can be used for certain areas of your face (Liposmose on the undereye area, Complexe Iribiol for the T-zone) or all over your face, neck and décolleté (Amniotique VG for hydration, A-Glyca to prevent aging), depending on your skin's needs.
The Biologique Recherche methodology is based on unique and personalized skincare adapted to the Skin Instant of each individual. The Skin Instant refers to the condition of the skin at the moment it's being evaluated. Since our Skin Instant constantly changes due to internal (genetics, hormones etc.) and external factors (environment, pollution), the needs of our skin also change. 
You can use one, or a combination of Quintessential Serums, depending on what you skin needs.

When and How should I use Quintessential Serums?

Quintessential Serums can be used morning and night, or as needed. After cleansing your skin and using the Lotion P50, apply a few drops of your serum and gently massage it into your skin with upward strokes until the product is completely absorbed.

Biologique Recherche Extraits Tissulaires

Extraits Tissulaires

Hydrating Serum for acne-prone skin

Biologique Recherche Amniotique VG hydrating serum for sensitive skin

Amniotique VG

Hydrating serum for sensitive skin 

Biologique Recherche Colostrum VG hydrating serum for very dry skinColostrum VG

Hydrating serum for skin lacking nourishment 

Biologique Recherche Iso-Placenta serum for acne scarring

Iso-Placenta Serum

Healing and repairing serum for post-acne scarring

Biologique Recherche Complexe Iribiol serum for acne-prone, oily skinComplexe Iribiol

Balancing and purifying serum for oily, acne-prone skin 

Serum Dermopore

Rebalancing serum that tightens dilated pores and refines the skin

Elastine Serum Authentique

Firming and line correcting serum for the first signs of aging 

Collagene Originel

Anti-wrinkle serum

Oligo-Protines Marines

Brightening and unifying serum for dull skin with imperfections

Biologique Recherche Liposmose SerumLiposmose Sérum

Smoothing and anti-fatigue eye serum

Serum A-Glyca

Anti-aging serum that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and prevents further aging

Biologique Recherche VG Tensil

VG Tensil

Firming and toning serum for dull, thick skin

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