111 SKIN



A Luxurious Serum For Ageing And Pigmented Skin.

Powerful, scientific, multi-talented - our luxurious anti-ageing formula effectively tackles all of the signs of ageing. A lightweight serum supercharged with clinical grade active ingredients to improve firmness, elasticity and collagen production. Plus the inclusion of Diamond Particles ensures deeper penetration into skin for optimum results.

Liquorice Root helps reveal a brighter, more even complexion by reducing pigmentation and discoloration, while Quebracho Wood, a soothing botanical extract, eases inflammation with its anti-allergenic effects. We’ve also included a lightweight yet powerful Hyaluronic Acid to alleviate tightness, irritation and uneven texture, whilst also providing maximum hydration for a plumping effect.

Ideal for all skin types looking for an effective solution for the visible signs of ageing and dull, uneven skin. Once you try this serum, you’ll wonder how you managed without it.


Reduces hyperpigmentation

Evens skin tone

Increases hydration and plumps the skin

Key Ingredients

LIQUORICE ROOT: A powerful botanical proven to reduce redness, brighten and even out skin tone.

QUEBRACHO WOOD: A botanical extract containing tannic acid that effectively treats inflammation and irritation.

HYALURONIC ACID: Plumps the skin, hydrates, and ensures moisture retention.

DIAMOND PARTICLES: Ensures deeper delivery of the active ingredients into the skin.

How to Apply

After cleansing, apply one pump of the serum to the face and neck in an upward motion.

Does this contain Retinol?

This serum contains Retinyl Palmitate, which delivers the same benefits as Retinol, whilst being more tolerable for sensitive skin type

Is this suitable for dry and dehydrated skin types?

This serum is ideal for both dry and dehydrated as it contains Hyaluronic Acid to improve hydration and plump the skin.

Is this a gel or cream texture?

This is a lightweight gel texture which glides onto the skin with a soft, supple feel.

Will this serum target hyperpigmentation?

Black Diamond Particles aid deeper delivery of brightening active ingredients such as Vitamin C and Liquorice Root, which makes this serum a highly effective solution for hyperpigmentation, discolouration and uneven skin tone.


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