111 SKIN



A Nourishing Liquid Mask For Ageing And Irritated Skin.

When skin sends out an SOS, our rich mask responds with a trifecta of barrier-building complexes, working in sync to reduce oxidative stress, irritation and redness while strengthening against environmental aggressors that irritate your skin.

Combining the signature 111 Skin ingredient, NAC Y²™ with a fusion of supercharged antioxidants and amino acids, it ensures cells function to the highest standard, reducing oxidative stress. Meanwhile, a powerfully moisturising Penta-Ceramide Complex rebuilds the skin’s protective barrier, a calming complex mutes redness and reduces irritation, Silk Amino and Biomimetic Peptides support regeneration and Tazman Pepper extract soothes sensitivity.

The result: nourished, renewed and resilient skin.


Featuring a trifecta of barrier-building complexes, including our signature complex NAC Y2™, this rich mask works to help reduce oxidative stress, irritation and redness while strengthening the skin against all external aggressors. Powerfully moisturising . Restores skin’s protective barrier function, intensely soothes and reduces redness and irritation.

Key Ingredients

NAC Y²™️: A fusion of three ingredients that all improve antioxidant levels, providing the optimum environment for collagen and elastin production and reducing the effects of environmental damage.

CALMING BOTANICAL COMPLEXE: An intensely soothing blend that works to calm redness, soothe irritation and protect from external aggressors.

SILK AMINO PEPTIDES: A restorative protein which rejuvenates natural skin tone & mutes redness.


How to Apply

Use day or night, applying a generous amount onto freshly cleansed skin. Ensure you cover the face & neck or apply to targeted areas of concern. For best results, leave the mask on overnight and rinse off in the morning.

Do I apply the mask before or after moisturizer?

This potent blend of barrier-building complexes is a single step solution and can be applied in place of moisturizer. For those experiencing severe dehydration you can apply after your typical moisturizing cream.

How frequently should I use it?

For consistent results we advise applying 2-3 times per week to optimize your existing routine. For best results leave overnight.

Can I layer this product with other masks?

All our liquid masks deliver multi-tasking results used in tandem with other liquid masks and layered underneath our facial sheet or eye masks to target multiple concerns.

Does this mask have anti-ageing benefits?

This mask includes our signature complex NAC Y²™ which delivers collagen boosting benefits to the skin and bio-mimetic peptides with anti-ageing properties designed to support in skin regeneration.


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