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Imagery Code is a ceramic artist boutique brand based on unique design and a strong story concept for conveying art inspiration into lifestyle by two Korean sisters. Their collection is handmade by emerging ceramic artist Hwan Hee Lee. She considers her work to be more an artwork, rather than a product. The candles are hand carved, 24k gold plated and illustrated by hand. Every piece of the collection is unique, but together they tell the story of the Secret Castle.

Secret Castle is in the deep woods, where the legendary giant bird lives.

Golden Guardians -  There are two golden monkeys who guard the Secret Castle under the bright moon light.

Twins in Secret - The twins of duke who lived in the Secret Castle. One day, they go on an adventure to save their family who got cursed by the wicked Heart Seeker.

Heart Seeker - a wicked skeleton witch seeking the Golden Key to have an eternal heart. She cursed the twins' family to steal the Golden Key.

Pink Fairy - One night, the Pink Fairy appeared in the twins' dream and said 'Find the Golden Key and open the Lock of Bliss. I will guide you to find it and save your family.'

Lock of Bliss - The twins found the Lock of Bliss and opened it with sincere heart with the Golden Key and they saved their family.