Vitality eye cream

With its unique whipped texture primed with oxygen, DetO2x Eye restores radiance to tired-looking eyes, removing dark circles while providing a fresh and invigorating sensory experience.


Created from Swiss apple stem cells, DetO2x Eye oxygenates and detoxifies the delicate skin around the eye to reduce dark circles and erase signs of fatigue. Using avant-garde DetO2x technology, this innovative eye treatment quickly delivers our O2 Complex directly to the cells, activating cutaneous oxygenation, detoxifying the eye contour and brightening the gaze. With each application, the skin looks visibly healthier, smoother and plumped, while the airy and sparkling texture provides a fresh and unique sensory experience.

Gives tired eyes vitality and energy

01. Visibly reduces dark circles
02. Erases signs of fatigue
03. Detoxifies for a brighter gaze


Restore radiance!
Morning and evening, take a small quantity of the oxygenated foam that has bubbled onto the cream’s surface. Apply your daily dose of oxygen-charged cream to the eye area with a light tapping motion. The texture will change to release a fresh energizing sensation.



*Radiance was evaluated on 33 females aged 25-57 (with a mean age of 43) 15 minutes after a single application.
**Self-assessment of 33 women, average age 43, 15 minutes after a single application.

12 ml

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