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Serum Dermopore is a rebalancing serum that tightens dilated pores and refines irregularities of the skin.

Direction for use:

On clean skin, apply 1ml of Serum Dermopore to the whole face, neck and décolleté by lightly massaging upwards until complete absorption of the product. Apply well on the median zone which is generally denser in sebaceous glands.


Tightens and visibly reduces the size of dilated pores and prevents further dilation.

Regulates sebaceous secretions, making the skin less shiny and reducing the irregularities of the skin.

Serum Dermopore is an intensive treatment for a healthier and more balanced skin that is perfectly matt, with a uniform complexion.

Recommended for:

Seborrheic, oily skin with dilated pores. Thick skin instants.


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