111 SKIN



A Firming Eye Cream For Revitalized, Brighter And Younger-Looking Skin.

Keep ageing under-eyes under control with our luxurious and powerful eye cream for even the most advanced wrinkles and dark circles.

A youth-boosting blend of key ingredients work together in our ultimate hard-working eye cream to tighten and fortify the skin. Botanical extract Centella Asiatica supports new collagen production, plumping fine lines and deeper wrinkles. Skin-brightening Liquorice Root evens skin tone and discolouration. Argireline extract (part of the Botulinum family) inhibits muscle contraction to stop new lines forming. And completing the formula, a sprinkle of Diamond Particles ensures the potent ingredients are absorbed deeply into the skin.

Look as young as you feel with this rejuvenating formula suited to mature skin, or those with premature signs of ageing. You’ll be wowed by eye-opening brightness, and a plumper, firmer eye contour.


Smoothes deep lines and wrinkles. Brightens dark circles and discolouration. Inhibits muscle contraction for Botox-like effect. Stimulates collagen production strengthening the delicate area. Promotes a firmer eye area.

Key Ingredients


LIQUORICE ROOT: A powerful botanical skin-brightener - evens skin tone and reduces redness

CENTELLA ASIATICA: Supports collagen production improving skin strength, reducing fine lines and wrinkles

ARGIRELINE: A hexapeptide related to botulinum extract that inhibits muscle contraction to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

DIAMOND PARTICLES: Ensure deeper delivery of the active ingredients

How to Apply

Apply half a pump in a tapping motion to the delicate area around the eye. Use in the morning or evening as part of your daily skincare regimen.

Can I use this day and night?

Yes, it can be used day and night. Gently pat half a pump into skin, morning and evenings.

Should I apply this before or after moisturizer?

Apply before, to protect the delicate eye area from active ingredients in serums and moisturizers.

Can I use this with other eye products?

Absolutely. This cream layers beautifully on top of our Celestial Black Diamond Contour Gel.

Can I use this around the full eye area?

Concentrate the product under the eye, orbital area and pat the excess onto the eyelid using your ring finger.


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