111 SKIN



Intensely Nourishes To Completely Tone And Tighten The Skin.

Prepping for a big event? For instant tightening, look no further than Dr Yannis’ maximum strength, skin-transforming Black Diamond mask. This miraculous mask - made from Hydrogel for its plumping effect - is the go-to for A-listers who rely on its astonishing anti-ageing results.

Our multi-section design cleverly treats different areas of the face to deliver targeted results. Drenched in potent actives, it uses Diamond Particles to help powerful Peptides travel deep into the skin. Triple-action Goji Glycopeptides instantly tighten, diminish fine lines and lift and sculpt, while powerful herb Centella Asiatica plumps and blurs the look of fine lines.

Treat your complexion to unparalleled results that last.


Instant tightening effect. Plumps fine lines and wrinkles. Promotes collagen production to improve volume Retexturises, lifts and firms to reduce signs of ageing.

Key Ingredients


PURIFIED CENTELLA ASIATICA: A botanical extract that encourages collagen synthesis to tighten and lift the complexion.

GOJI GLYCOPEPTIDES: A dual purpose glycopeptide provides an instant tightening effect resulting in diminished fine lines and wrinkles while also protecting the skin from stress and degradation from the everyday causes of ageing.

PROGELINE: A biomimetic peptide that decreases deterioration of the extracellular matrix, firming and sculpting the skin.

How to Apply

1. Cleanse skin thoroughly
2. Remove protective film from both sides. Apply each mask to the relevant area
3. Leave on for 20 minutes
4. Remove, and follow with your normal 111SKIN regimen

What ages can use this mask?

All ages can benefit from using this mask, as skin will immediately appear firmer, smoother, calmer, plumped and hydrated.

Is this suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes. Key soothing ingredients such as Carrageenan Powder, Niacinamide and Allantoin support sensitive skin.

I have dry skin and I am looking to target fine lines and wrinkles. Is this product hydrating?

This mask is enhanced with collagen-stimulating properties that improve volume and plumpness, promoting natural moisture retention for hydrated, healthy skin, plus the Hydrogel material is made of mostly water, supporting hydration.

Can I apply this mask in the morning?

This mask works wonderfully in the morning or evening, to instantly tighten the skin and enliven your complexion for a naturally sculpted effect


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