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Delivers Long-Lasting Luminosity To The Delicate Under-Eye Area.

The Rose Gold Eye Mask delivers clinical grade potent brightening ingredients directly to your delicate eye area. Whether it’s your wedding day or a big business pitch, your eyes will look incredible with these ultimate eye brighteners.

They’re infused with medical grade ingredients: Yeast Protein that reveals the skin’s natural radiance, Colloidal Gold to soothe any inflammation, and Pomegranate Seed to reduce dark circles. All working together so your eyes come out of the shadows.

Revive tired eyes in minutes with these celebrity favourites for that bright eyed, flawless finish that the camera loves.


Illuminates the under eye area. Brightens dark shadows and pigmentation. Plumps fine lines and wrinkles.

Key Ingredients

YEAST PROTEIN: Helps skin to reveal its own radiance and creates a natural glow

COLLOIDAL GOLD: Soothes inflammation, brightens and provides the skin with antioxidant properties

POMEGRANATE SEED CELL CULTURE: Brightens and reduces dark circles


How to Apply

Cleanse skin thoroughly. Remove protective film on both sides. Apply one mask under each eye in either direction depending on the contours of your face. Leave on for 20 minutes. Remove the mask and let the skin absorb any excess product by gently patting the skin

Can I use eye cream after applying this mask?

Absolutely. All our eye masks are formulated to deliver a single, targeted infusion of ingredients but you can keep enjoying the effects daily by using our other highly effective eye creams and serums.

Are these eye patches reusable?

Each pair of eye masks is designed to achieve optimal results within one application and are therefore not reusable but are biodegradable.

How long can I leave the eye patches on?

Wear for a minimum of 20 minutes and remove. You may notice that they dry against the skin if your skin is particularly lacking moisture.

Can these be used underneath another sheet mask?

All our eye masks work beautifully with additional sheet or liquid masks to target and treat multiple concerns. We advise applying your eye patches first and layering a facial sheet mask on top or mapping with liquid masks to target specific areas of concern.


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