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Anti hair-fall fortifying shampoo for dry weakened hair, prone to falling due to breakage. Gently clarifies and reinforces fibre to reduce the risk of hair-fall due to breakage.

This rich formula forms an unctuous foam removing dirt and excess of oil while providing intense nourishment for dry hair.


  • soothes and hydrates hair from root to tip
  • strenghtens the fibre for intense resilience to reduce the risk of hair-fall
  • prepares hair to be treated, nourished and fortified with a fuller look
  • stronger, more resistant hair, with 93.3% less breakage
  • bodifies and plumps hair when combined with Masque Reconstituant


A unique combination of Ginger Root and Edelweiss Native Cells:
Ginger Root is known for its ability to protect against daily external aggressor.
Edelweiss Native Cells is known in skincare for its antioxidant power and collagen preserving properties. The Edelweiss flower is capable to resist
the most extreme conditions.


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