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Resistance Architecte Holiday Set

The best routine for damaged hair, this bundle provides a three-step routine to fortify and strengthen your damaged hair. The shampoo, conditioner, and heat protectant in this routine are contain a powerful combination of pro-keratin, resurrection plant sap, and ceramides to rebuild your hair fibre from within, so you can say goodbye to frizz and breakage, and hello to strong and shiny hair.

This Holiday Set contains :

Bain Force Architecte

The Bain Force Architecte is our keratin shampoo designed for weakened and brittle hair. This specialized shampoo for damaged hair has a combination of Vita Ciment® and Sève de Résurrection to rebuild and restore hair, strengthening the hair fiber from within. This shampoo for damaged hair helps weakened and brittle hair rebuild and protects it from future damage.

  • Rebuilds and nourishes damaged fibres
  • Smooths hair
  • Illuminates hair
  • Soft and shiny hair

Ciment Anti-Usure

Ciment Anti Usure is one of our best conditioners for damaged hair. Repair damaged hair with the combination of Vita Ciment® and Sève de Résurrection which helps repair damaged hair by ensuring that each fiber is deeply reconstructed and revitalized. Pro-Keratin helps hair breakage by mimicking keratin's function and rebuilding hair and repairing split ends. Resurrection Sap contained in this conditioner replenishes damaged hair and minimizes future hair breakage.

  • Repairs and revitalizes damaged hair
  • Anti-split ends
  • Sooths hair

Ciment Thermique

Ciment thermique is a damaged hair treatment with heat damage protection properties, and a heat styling cream designed to treat & protect heat damaged hair. This damaged hair treatment has a combination of Vita Ciment®, Vita Topseal and Sève de Résurrection that instantly reconstructs, reinforces and resurfaces the hair fiber while recreating the hair’s natural external protective layer.

  • Hair breakage from blow dry is reduced by 85%*
  • Nourishes and smooths hair
  • Shiny hair
  • 450°F thermo-protection

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