Anti-aging hand cream

Instantly envelops hands like a poly-active glove, protects for 24 hours.

With an expert formulation designed to protect the skin and lock in anti-aging action, Hand 24 Hour hydrates, repairs, comforts and protects the skin to fight the visible signs of time. The nourishing cream combines anti-aging & repairing ingredients with four nutritive oils (macadamia, avocado, grapeseed and shea butter) in a super creamy and extra soft formulation that melts onto the skin like an invisible glove, penetrating deeply without residual stickiness. Hands emerge silky smooth, supple and well-protected in every season.


Fights the visible signs of time

01 Moisturizes immediately and progressively

02 Nourishes the epidermis

03 Repairs the skin


Two anti-aging and four nourishing ingredients that melt into your hands

Provide the skin with an anti-aging and restorative action.

RNA Liposome
Penetrates quickly into the skin to regenerate and repair.

Macadamia, shea, grape seed and avocado oil
Deliver concentrated softness, suppleness and comfort.


Apply and go on with your life!

Apply a pea size amount of cream to the back of your hand, rub the back of the hands together, then massage the palms and cuticles. In just 24 seconds, the cream sinks into the skin, protecting it for 24 hours. Apply as often as necessary.

75 ml

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