PREMIÈRE Concentré Décalcifiant Ultra-Réparateur Hair Treatment


Introducing the ultimate pre-shampoo treatment that tackles calcium buildup and fully restores any type of damaged hair!

Hard water is packed with calcium and can wreck your already fragile over-processed or bleached hair! Well, it’s a real pain because damaged hair is like a sponge, sucking in three times more calcium than natural hair.

This treatment is packed with potent pure acids that do double duty: they kick that excess calcium to the curb and dive deep into your strands, fixing them up from the inside out. Say hello to stronger, more vibrant hair with that stiffness and dullness a thing of the past.

  • Recreates 99% of hair’s original strength*
  • +97% inner structure reinforcement*
  • 93% less breakage**
  • 75% more shine**


  • Apply generously on wet lengths before shampooing. 
  • Massage thoughourly. 
  • Leave it on for 5 minutes. 
  • Do not rinse. 
  • Layer Prèmeire Bain directly on top, massage and emulsify.
  • Rinse thoroughly. 
  • Follow up with Prèmiere Fondant or Masque. 


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