Initial prepping mist


A new universal and indispensable step in the beauty ritual is being ushered.
This milky emulsion refreshes and soothes irritated skin. It strengthens immune defenses, and helps rebuild hydrolipidic film essential in protecting skin.
Texture is visibly improved, skin is protected, smoothed and satisfied.

Concern type:

Suitable for all skin types, especially those most fragile.


Morning and/or evening, apply product by spraying directly onto clean face, or by spraying onto hands and then applying to clean face.
Follow with the treatment program best suited to your skin.

Advice: For a diffused mist, press long and hard on the pump.


Formulated using prebiotics and probiotics, it fortifies and promotes a stable balance in the skin’s ecosystem. (LP FOS, Eau de Zurzach and Jojoba esters)

150 ml

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