111 SKIN



A Transformative Dual-Action Product That Cleanses And Tones Skin.

If your busy lifestyle leaves you with little time or energy to complete a multi-step skincare routine, this science-led, dual-action cleanser is the perfect solution. Not only does it cleanse and tone the skin, it also exfoliates, retexturises and brightens, thanks to Pomegranate Extract - leaving your complexion smooth, even and energised.

Ultra-hydrating ingredient, TEGO Natural Betaine, moisturises and nourishes the skin while Ribose, a natural sugar from corn seeds, increases cell metabolic activity that energises the skin which promotes moisture retention and assists with a rejuvenated appearance. As it washes off, the formula transforms to a milky texture, activating toning ingredients that reinforce the crucial moisture balance of skin.

Suitable for all skin types, this is a cleanser that works as hard as you do, and will leave your skin revitalised in a single step. What a relief.


Cleanses skin of impurities. Boosts hydration levels and minimises the appearance of lines. Tones and refreshes. Exfoliates, revealing brighter, smoother skin. Increases cell metabolism to energise skin.

Key Ingredients

POMEGRANATE EXTRACT: Contains natural fruit enzymes to exfoliate, resurface and retexture the skin; reducing the appearance of open pores.

RIBOSE: A type of sugar extracted from corn seeds that helps to stimulate the synthesis of ATP and increase cell metabolic activity to energise the skin for a rejuvenated appearance.

TEGO NATURAL BETAINE: A naturally derived amino acid obtained from sugar beet that reduces trans epidermal water loss, moisturises, and nourishes the skin.

How to Apply

Apply three pumps of cleanser onto fingertips. Massage into damp skin in circular, upwards movements, include neck and décolletage, avoiding eyes and lips. Rinse with warm water

Is this a toner or a cleanser?

This is a dual-action product that both cleanses and tones the skin.

Should I apply this as a toner and leave on for additional benefits?

No, this product is formulated to be rinsed off. As it washes off, the formula transforms into a milky texture, activating toning ingredients that reinforces the crucial moisture balance of skin.

Does this product foam or lather?

No, this cleanser is in a light cream which upon contact with water becomes a light emulsion.

Is the exfoliation activity suitable for daily use?

We use gentle enzymatic fruit extracts (apple & pomegranate) which are suitable for daily use. For those with sensitive skin we recommend using at intervals within the week, either am or pm.


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