111 SKIN



A Refreshing Mask That Revitalises Tired, Puffy, Lacklustre Complexions.

Transform a puffy, dull complexion with this fast-acting mask that energises even the most lacklustre skin.

The stimulating, refreshing Sub-Zero De-Puffing Energy Facial Mask is inspired by the science behind cryotherapy, and like cold on the skin, effectively de-puffs your morning face. The two piece, full face Hydrogel mask is infused with potent ingredients, like Caffeine to increase blood microcirculation, and Dr Yannis’ multi-functional formula with a powerful Tetrapeptide, that depuffs and tightens while simultaneously inhibiting collagen breakdown, thus minimising the appearance of ageing.

If you love the feeling of a cooling product on your skin then try keeping your mask in the fridge for an hour before use to create an extra refreshing feel.


Reinvigorates and de-puffs tired skin. Multi-functional formula that minimises dark circles, hydrates and refreshes. Feels even cooler when refrigerated.

Key Ingredients


TETRAPEPTIDE: A patented complex that depuffs, prevents water retention in the skin, as well as inhibiting collagen breakdown to fortify the complexion.

CAFFEINE: A natural compound that revitalises, energises, and increases microcirculation. Minimises dark circles and mild puffiness.

ALPHA GLUCOSYL HESPERIDIN: An enzyme found in citrus peels that stimulates circulation and warms the skin.

NONAPEPTIDE: A multitasking peptide that stimulates mitochondrial energy, reduces oxidant damage, hydrates, depuffs and fortifies ceramides.

How to Apply

Cleanse skin thoroughly
Open the package upright.
Remove Mask 1 for the top half of the face and unfold it.
Remove protective film from both sides.
Apply the hydrogel mask evenly onto your face keeping the eye area clear
Press into place by smoothing in an outward direction.
Repeat these steps for Mask 2 - the lower half
Leave on for 20 minutes.
Remove the masks and let the skin absorb the remaining essence by gently patting the skin.
Follow with your regular 111SKIN regimen.

Can I keep this refrigerated?

Although not necessary, keeping in a cool area can provide additional cooling benefits.

Does this mask help with inflammation and redness?

Infused with Peptides, Enzymes and Caffeine, this mask prevents water retention in the skin, as well as inhibiting collagen breakdown to fortify the complexion and soothe inflammation.

What are the energizing benefits?

Infused with Peptides, Enzymes and Caffeine, the multi-functional formula stimulates mitochondrial function leading to increased cellular energy, i.e. more youthful acting cells.

Can I use facial tools with this mask?

These masks are inspired by and used during in-clinic treatments and we recommend using facial sculpting tools to push the product even further into the skin.


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