111 SKIN



A Luxurious, Refreshing Essence That Primes Skin For Optimal Absorption Of Active Ingredients.

Antioxidants are the superhero ingredients of the active botanicals world. When used in skincare, they work hard to soothe and prime the skin for better absorption of subsequent products. The 111 Skin Antioxidant Energising Essence does exactly that - and more.

In addition to its antioxidant properties, the essence contains several innovative ingredients like Copper Chlorophyll, known for skin repair, calming Aloe Vera and nourishing, mineral-rich Giant Kelp, which reduces inflammation, plumps and smooths the complexion. And while it’s repairing, it also primes skin to better absorb further products.

It also makes a soothing post-shaving treatment, or an easy way to instantly improve the way your skin feels.


Soothes irritated, dry skin. Reduces inflammation. Primes skin for better absorption of ingredients in additional products.

Key Ingredients

GIANT KELP: A botanical seaweed extract rich in minerals, iodine and antioxidants to heal, nourish and reduce irritation.

ALOE VERA: A botanical extract that calms, soothes and conditions the skin with anti-inflammatory properties.

COPPER CHLOROPHYL: A synthetic chlorophyll mixture of sodium copper salts, which helps to promote skin repair and reduce discoloration.

How to Apply

Shake well before removing protective stopper. Shake two to four drops into one hand.
Press hands together and firmly press the product into skin, all over your face, neck and décolletage. Allow to dry for one minute before applying your skincare on top.

Can this be used like a toner?

It depends. If you use a toner to prime your skin then yes, if you use toner to wipe away impurities post cleanse then no, since this is not to be used with a cotton pad and does not remove impurities.

When should I apply this during my routine?

Use directly after cleansing to lock in maximum hydration within the skin.

Should this be applied on dry or wet skin?

Apply to freshly cleansed, slightly damp skin to promote hydration. Allow to absorb before applying additional skincare products.


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