111 SKIN



Ideal For Dehydrated Skin In Need Of Nourishment.

Like swapping heels for trainers, make comfort a priority for your skin too. Luckily, our best-in-class, luxury day cream not only provides protection against aggressors found in pollution, while powerfully combating visible signs of ageing, but it feels like slipping on your favourite cashmere sweater every day.

Dr Yannis’ signature healing complex, NAC Y²™ dramatically reduces the effects of environmental damage, as well as promoting a clear, youthful complexion. We also infuse this cult cream with a signature blend of the purest active ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and plump your skin. It’s also packed with a potent Vitamin Complex to shield the complexion, strengthen the skin barrier and repair damage.

Ideal for dry, dehydrated or mature skin types and perfect for city commuters and urban dwellers. Give your skin some major TLC.


Shields skin with antioxidant protection. Combats visible signs of ageing. Boosts hydration levels and plumps fine lines. Promotes collagen and elastin production. Repairs environmental damage.

Key Ingredients

NAC Y²™️: Protects and promotes healthy, younger-looking skin.

VITAMIN COMPLEX: A combination of vitamins A, C, E, F and H to help repair damaged skin and shield against environmental pollution.

HYALURONIC ACID: Plumps and hydrates.

How to Apply

Apply a pea sized amount, distributing evenly between fingertips. Apply product to skin in upward, circular movements, moving down to neck and décolletage, still using upward strokes.

Does this contain SPF?

No, the day cream does not contain SPF.

Can I also use this in the evening?

This is best applied in the morning as the formula is designed for peak performance during daytime conditions by actively combatting the effects of environmental aggressors.

Is this suitable for sensitive skin?

This is perfect for sensitive skin as it provides a protective barrier to shield the skin from harmful aggressors and strengthen the barrier with our reparative NAC Y² formula.


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