Leaves scalp feeling invigorated and refreshed.


Universal defense serum for unbalanced scalps: for normal, dry, sensitive or oily scalps. A universal serum with antioxidant properties. Helps defend against the feeling of an uncomfortable dry scalp. The fast absorbing gel-texture helps soothe and leaves the scalp feeling healthy and hydrated. With a long-lasting fragrance. The scalp feels refreshed and revitalized. Helps defend against the feeling of an uncomfortable, dry scalp. Scalp feels refreshed, hydrated, and less sensitive. Faster microbiome recovery*.

  • +91% of people felt a soothing effect**.
  • 98% of people felt their scalp is more comfortable**.
  • 90% of people felt the sensation of a dry scalp reduced**.
  • 73% of people felt a more balanced scalp**.
  • 74% of people felt their scalp is hydrated**.
  • 80% of people felt a durable fragrance**.
  • 73% of people felt a long-lasting cooling sensation**.
  • 80% of people felt a healthier scalp**.
  • 78% of people felt a stimulated & revitalized scalp**.

 *vs. untreated scalp.

**in a consumer study

How to use:

Apply 3 doses on scalp. 1 dose = 1 pipette until the mark. Do not rinse. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately and thoroughly. Due to ingredients, the serum may turn yellow but this does not affect its performance or quality. It can be kept in your fridge. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children without supervision.


10% Bifidus Prebiotic: Respects microbiome.

1% Vitamin-C Derivative: Neutralizes the effect of daily oxidative aggressors.


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