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Ideal For All Skin Types In Need Of Deep Hydration.

Whether your skin is dry or oily, all skin types can become parched, dehydrated and feel tight after cleansing. The Hyaluronic Acid Aqua Booster instantly increases moisture levels by delivering a shot of concentrated ultra-hydrating ingredients into skin, combatting both dryness and dehydration. Low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid works deep within the epidermis to plump and hydrate the lower levels of the skin while urea and niacinamide lock down hydration in the upper surface layers. Skin is instantly saturated and quenched with weightless moisture that won’t dry out.


Captures and retains plumping moisture in the skin. Hydrates deep down to alleviate tightness, irritation and uneven texture. Conditions, nourishes and softens. Restores essential skin lipids.

Key Ingredients 

HYALURONIC ACID: Low molecular weight hydrates deeper layers of the skin to retain moisture and improve hydration.

UREA: A humectant that plays an active part in our natural moisturizing factor (NMF) to keep skin hydrated, protected and working efficiently.

NIACINAMIDE: A form of Vitamin B3 which restores important lipids in skin to moisturize, while providing anti-inflammatory and brightening properties to combat uneven skin tone.

How to Apply

Apply directly after cleansing. Dispense 3 drops between fingertips and pat all over the face. Can also be placed on high points of the face or mixed into serum or moisturizer


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